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cherry tree

povexport-2015-09-04.zip A module by Ruth Chabay to export a VPython scene to POV-Ray, which can create a high-resolution ray-traced image as a targa file, which can then be further manipulated in image-processing applications such as Photoshop. Markus Gritsch, Bruce Sherwood, Scott David Daniels, Guy Kloss, and John Denker also contributed.

Haverford College research and education materials (Suzanne Amador Kane)

PyGeo a projective geometry toolbox (Arthur Siegel, who unfortunately died in 2007; write to Joel Kahn <jj2kk4@yahoo.com> if you are interested in helping maintain this orphan software)

Physics projects and links (Rob Salgado)

Physics Examples and Round Arrow (Aaron Miller)

Physics examples including falling drops (Lenore Horner)

KineticsKit a module for quickly building ball-and-spring models (Markus Gritsch)

Earth Science a collection of Earth Science programs (Lensyl Urbano)

New objects: hollow tube, frustum (cone with tip cut off), and partial sphere (Thom Ives)

Cherry tree made by recursion (Viktor Ferenczi; shown above)

Analog clock (Viktor Ferenczi)

Chess board -- doesn't actually play but will execute moves (Shaun Press)

Shoot the monkey (John Keck) Complete but experimental distutils package, Windows-oriented (Arthur Siegel; minor revisions by Bruce Sherwood)

setup.py from the experimental distutils package (Arthur Siegel; minor revisions by Bruce Sherwood)

grayscale.py changes a color scene to grayscale; useful for testing redblue stereo (Bruce Sherwood)

boids.py generates bird flocking behavior (Eric Nilsen)

movie.py generates a QuickTime movie on MacOSX (Kelvin Chu)

kepler.py illustrates Kepler's "equal area" rule for planetary motion ( Peter Borcherds)

EMWave.py illustrates the relationships among electric and magnetic fields in electromagnetic radiation (Rob Salgado)

face.py makes an amusing face (Joel Kahn)

capital_letters.py displays capital letters using curves (Joel Kahn)

visualjoints.py uses pyODE (http://pyode.sourceforge.net), an open-source physics engine (Miles Jacobs)

movecamera.py saves a user-selected view (after zoom and spin), then restores that view later (Bill Ward and Bruce Sherwood)

VPNBody multibody solar system dynamics (Rodney Dunning)

SaraivaDemo.py is a fun and attractive demonstration of various VPython capabilities (Eduardo Saraiva).

pipes.py is a screen-saver-like animation of connecting pipes; press ESC to get out of this full-screen program (William Wright).

Computation using VPython of planetary ring formation (Michael Cobb); see FAQ for details on how the VPython displays were captured and then made into a video

look_around.py shows how to rotate a camera at the origin and look around at a surrounding scene (Bruce Sherwood)

vspace.py is a space voyaging demo (Ron Adam)

pixelplot.py shows a way to do pixel-oriented plotting in VPython (Bruce Sherwood)

rotate_scene.py let's you rotate the scene rather than the camera, keeping the distant lights "fixed" (Bruce Sherwood)

How to embed VPython in wxPython on Windows (Stef Mientki)

Convert STL 3D graphics files (Derek Lura and Bruce Sherwood)

Chaotic Billiard (Pablo GarcĂ­a Corzo)

Enhanced gas program (Giulio Venezian)

Zoom and spin under complete program control (Bruce Sherwood)

Rotating book (Owen Long -- the angular momentum is unchanged, but the angular velocity changes)

Hard-sphere gas in a hollow toroid (Andrey Antonov)